BAN OIL – DON’T BAN PEOPLE Fossil fuels are inevitably and without a doubt killing us and all life on earth. We will not let this happen. We will enter the streets - every corner, every alley, all the crossings, and proclaim and call out the truth. And we will act upon this truth. OIL. FRACKING. GAS. This must all end. Time is running out. The damage our countries and oil companies in the North are causing the Global South and the young generation of the entire world is an appalling crime against humanity. In late August we will enter the capitol of Norway - one of the more anonymous oil and gas rogue states of the world, in the largest Nordic Mass-action ever. We will perform a historic, grand jolly non-violent civil-disobedience action. During the rebellion week we will cast a light on the life-killing operations performed by the Norwegian state, oil companies and the financial systems that are financing the climate catastrophe. Governments are failing us. Governments are betraying us, everywhere. The Nordic countries are far from fulfilling their climate ambitions. Ambitions that, even if fullfilled, will not protect us from climate breakdown. Governments are deceiving us and we cannot bare this hypocrisy. CO2 HAS NO BORDERS, AND NEITHER DO WE. WE WILL TELL THE TRUTH since our governments are not. We will reveal the hypocrisy of the governing establishment. WE WILL TELL THE TRUTH since companies are concealing and disguising their real business with sly and leery green-washing. We will make sure that no one will be deceived by this anymore. AND WE WILL ACT upon this betrayal. We will in the end shut down these dirty and life-threatening businesses. We will never give up. Never ever, will we give up. WE WILL ACT, since governments are neglecting and ignoring the largest catastrophe human kind has ever faced with their inconceivable passivity. AND WE WILL STRENGTHEN OUR DEMOCRACY. We need to bring back the power to the people since the governments are failing us. We call for citizen's assemblies to deal with the climate crisis in a just and adequate way. We must treat the crisis like the crisis it is – a worldwide threat to all living life. JOIN US IN OSLO! We have a duty to disobey this system which destroys life on earth and is deeply unjust. Many of us will undertake open actions and face arrest and charges. TAKE THE PLEDGE to be ARRESTED in Oslo this summer: Your courage is crucial to change this toxic system! REBEL IN UNITY ACROSS BORDERS! BAN OIL – DON’T BAN PEOPLE!

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