Join us for a social media digital action to #DefundLine3. If completed, Line 3 would endanger more than 800 wetlands and 200 waterways, and destroy the sacred wild rice beds that the Anishinaabe people depend on for their food, culture and way of life. Line 3 would contribute as much damage to our climate as 38 million vehicles on our roads or 50 new coal burning power plants. Banks like Chase, Citi, Bank of America, Wells Fargo and TD Bank provide financing to the Line 3 project. These banks appear to be doing their best to score an F-minus on corporate social and environmental responsibility. Let's show our solidarity with the frontline Water Protectors by pressuring these banks to respect Indigenous rights, protect our climate and walk away from Enbridge, or otherwise face the reputational risk that will inevitably occur if they fail to do so. We need to #StopLine3 Register here:

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