This is Part 2 of our Visioning Workshop but feel free to join even if you didn't attend the first part! 🌟 2020 has been a time of challenge and development for Extinction Rebellion. The movement has had to learn on its feet and adapt to a continuously changing landscape. 💭 As part of our regenerative culture, we need space to reflect, learn and plan for the future and this visioning workshop has been designed with this in mind. 💭 The aim of the workshop is to give each person in the group a chance to express their visions for XR and be an integral part of the planning and decision-making process. 💭 Another aim of the workshop is to make a visual plan with reachable targets, so working towards a big goal in 2021 is tangible and realistic. 🌟 Whether you are an active Northampton Rebel, or looking to become more involved in 2021... all are very welcome!

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