Zoom Link: Welcome to the regular meetings of our Climate Justice working group! Everyone is welcome to attend. If you have never attended an XR event before, it might be a good idea to attend an intro meeting first, but this is not strictly necessary. You can find events for intro meetings on the XR Sverige Facebook page. If it is your first meeting, please arrive at 18:45 so that we can give you an introduction at the group. If you've attended before, you can come at 19h when the regular meeting begins. Please note that we usually hold our meetings in English. However if you are uncomfortable with English please attend anyway and we will figure out a solution! We usually begin our meetings with a discussion of a topic. This week (June 3rd) we will be discussing The Tyranny of Structurelessness. It is a very influential essay on non-hierarchal organising, and so is very relevant to our work in XR! You can read either the Swedish summary, found here: Or, the original text in English can be found here: It is not mandatory to read the text in order to attend the meeting! After discussing anything that we need to as a group, we will split into working groups. Currently, our projects include: - A climate justice social media campaign - Collaboration with other organisations that work with climate justice - Working on how we can address oppression and hierarchy in how we work together within XR. We have plenty of other project ideas and you are welcome to come with your own! It is fine to be unsure what you would like to get involved with, you are more than welcome to simply attend and listen. The purpose of this group is to strengthen the understanding and implementation of climate justice in XR’s work. The goal is to integrate climate justice into our messaging, actions, and internal processes. Climate justice is a way of looking at environmental crises through different lens, considering social and economic factors alongside ecology. It focuses on the inequality at the heart of environmental crises. Climate justice allows us to see that the fight against climate change is part of the wider struggle against oppression and exploitation. It demands justice-based solutions that address these inequalities. This 45 minute podcast from the UK offers a pretty good introduction to climate justice and XR: We look forward to seeing you!

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