Learn how to physically and emotionally support yourself and other rebels, including those who are glued or locked on 🔒 Practise active listening and gain other support skills, such as grounding and relaxation techniques 👂🛌🏾 ✍️Register here: Action Wellbeing is one of the essential Support Roles at an Action and is an essential part of creating a regenerative action. The training includes how to prepare for an action physically and emotionally; how Action Wellbeing might look like at an action and planning your debriefs post action. The training also explores techniques in active listening, grounding and self soothing exercises, and other roles within Action Wellbeing. There will be a 5-15 minute break as and when required. If you have specific accessibility requirements, please contact: If BSL Interpreters are required please contact us asap to allow time to book interpreters, however please be aware that we can't guarantee interpreters will be available, or if you email you can make your request directly. Look forward to meeting you - let's make this Rebellion count!

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