Join us at the Extinction Rebellion Election Roadshow for Climate to learn about your local candidates' policies on the climate and hear from locals about how they're being impacted by climate change today. We're making the climate and ecological crisis the key issue in this election all over the country, so please come and say hello! This is a critical time for Aotearoa. Science warns us that the climate and ecological crisis will soon become irreversible, profoundly affecting every single person and all our natural ecosystems. We need leaders who are committed to follow the science on the climate and ecological crisis. Parliament must use the post-covid stimulus package to do what is required to address this crisis and protect our future, guided by principles of sustainability, equity and regenerative economic and social policies. The state of emergency has demonstrated that we can do the unthinkable: follow the science, close down the country for weeks. We kicked the virus. We need a similar response to the climate and ecological crisis and to follow the science. This election is an opportunity for us to elect a government that will declare a state of emergency, follow the science and set a target for zero emissions by 2030, establish a citizens assembly on climate to make binding decisions, in 2021.