School Strike for Climate Australia is participating in a global day of action called Fund Our Future Not Gas on Friday Sep 25th. The idea of the action is for people to dress in yellow and take photos of themselves with that FOFNG message for mainstream and social media. XRWA North of the River would like to support this action, but we figure we can get more people along on a Saturday so we'll be having a photo shoot on Sat 19th and you're invited! We would love you to be part of this whether you're involved in XRWA or SS4C or not - anyone who has concerns about what a gas lead "recovery" means for our future (eg rapidly hastening the climate, human and ecological crisis whilst being the lowest employing industry and often paying no or little taxes and royalties and receiving government subsidies) is welcome to come along! We will upload the photos on the global day of action. Wear yellow! Make your own Fund Our Future Not Gas placard if you want, we'll hopefully have a banner there. Please invite at least one, hopefully many more, friends to come and also share this event on social media. We will be having a casual snacky picnic after the photo shoot, just a chance for people to connect and have a natter. If you want to hear about XRWA North of the River we'll be happy to talk about it but the main purpose is to enjoy each other's company. Please bring some snacks to share (or just your own if you prefer).