The Global Support Regenerative Culture Working Group is excited to announce the first dates for the updated Regen 101. Regen 101 is a beautiful introduction to Regenerative Cultures for those new to XR and an essential experience for those already involved in the movement. As a workshop, it is experiential, practical, and educational and weaves through the topics so that the group leaves with an understanding of embodied Regenerative Activism. Together we will cover: • What are Regenerative Cultures? • Earth Emotions • Community/Self-care & Burnout • Emotional Debriefing Sunday, 17th October 6pm-9pm AEST, 8:00am-11:00am UTC There is capacity for 35 folks to join us in each session It is helpful to read the Regen 101 Booklet before attending the workshop. It is a supportive reference as well as a valuable, stand-alone resource for Regenerative Cultures. An updated booklet will be available shortly. The Regen 101 Coloring Booklet is also a resource for Rebels during the workshop. Support XR here: The Regen 101 Working Group has listened and learned to keep working on the questions. • What are Regenerative Cultures? • How do Regenerative Cultures support the overall strategy of Extinction Rebellion? We have spent the last 6 months harvesting information gathered from our face-to-face and online workshops between August 2019 - July 2021. Including feedback forms, surveys, Zoom recordings, emails, and multiple dialogues and conversations from 1025 Rebels, from 37 countries from across our beautiful home planet Earth. In 2020, before Covid, the Global Support Regenerative Culture working group was lucky enough to receive a grant to create Regen 101 train the trainer video resources to support rebels globally. We are excited to now have several African facilitators bringing a new perspective to the Regen 101 workshop. Regen 101 Systems team :

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