Welcome to our regular meetings of the Skåne Climate Justice working group! If it is your first time attending, please join at 18:45 so that we can give you a quick introduction and welcome to the group. If you have been to a meeting before, you can join us at 19h. Please note that our meetings are usually held in English. However, if you are uncomfortable speaking English please join us and we will figure out a solution! We currently meet online due to the COVID-19 situation. Zoom link: What does this group do exactly? The purpose of this group is to strengthen the understanding and implementation of climate justice in XR’s Skåne’s work. The goal is to integrate climate justice into our messaging, actions, and internal processes. We hope to do this by: • Building alliances and collaborating with other organisations working towards climate justice. • Improving our own knowledge of climate justice within this group through a process of co-learning. • Acting as a knowledge source on climate justice that other groups can use. • Working on how XR can use climate justice more in our strategy. • Working to improve the diversity of XR Skåne’s membership and developing our internal decision-making and organising processes so they are more inclusive and democratic. Are you wondering what Climate Justice is exactly? Or what is has to do with Extinction Rebellion? This 45 minute podcast from the UK offers a pretty good introduction to these questions: We look forward to seeing you there!

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