The Covid-19 recovery is our last chance to remake the world
 Our Government is missing it
 We need to do something…something that demonstrates a level of commitment which matches the level of danger we face. 

 And soon, we will. As one. Individuals across the UK will sit down in the road, alone. They will display a simple and emotive message. They will remain there until they choose to move, or are moved. Each protestor will be supported by an incognito support team. The action is open to anyone and there is a role for everyone. It’s a chance to do something alone, yet united. Individual, yet collective. ALONE, TOGETHER. This action will be the first of XR UK’s rolling Rebellion Waves: rebellions held each month, increasing in pressure each time as we build up to COP26. In this unprecedented time, we must continue to act, and this is an action that can be taken during Covid. 
 FIND OUT MORE BY JOINING A BRIEFING - NO COMMITMENT NECESSARY! The briefings will cover essential topics such as messaging, support team roles, strategic objectives and action design. They are open to all and a place to ask questions. 
 Mondays 12 - 1:30pm Wednesdays 6 - 7:30pm Saturdays 3 - 4:30pm pw: rebel

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