Why Money Rebellion? Because our economic system is killing us along with the rest of the living world. Because our economic system cannot protect us from the crises to come: its own structures both cause and ignore them. Because our marker for progress – GDP growth – counts the short-term profits from burning oil and felling forests, but not the long-term dangers to our survival, leading us further into climate and ecological breakdown. Money Rebellion is a call to break the rules: to expose and disrupt the economic rules and institutions driving us toward societal collapse: growth, debt, banks, the government … The climate and ecological emergency is still getting worse, racism and exploitation of poorer nations is still rife. Most of our ‘free’ press is captive to the agenda of a few billionaires. We cannot halt any of these interlocked crises without changing the economic system that fuels them. Join us in rejecting the economic rules and financial institutions that are killing us. Find out why and how to disrupt these ideas, institutions, and more in our first wave of actions. At 7.30pm to 9.30pm on Monday 1st March you’re invited to join XR Cornwall for this 90m introduction to Money Rebellion’s proposals and its invitation to UK citizens. The talk will be followed by time for Q&A. Register your free place for this event: The Falmouth & Exeter Students’ Union and Campus Sustainability Team bring you ‘Sustainability Week’, taking place from 1st – 5th March and comprising of more than 30 events, open to all! Head to the campaign website for the event listings and registration links – . Sustainability is more important than ever going into 2021, and we all have our parts to play to create a better world for People and Planet. Shifting towards more sustainable ways of thinking and acting is easier than you think, and our host of events will help you to do so! ... and head here: to explore what else is in store for Sustainability Week, and join us for a series of events set to enable you to realise your personal impacts, inspire you to want to adopt sustainable changes in your life, and empower you with the knowledge & skills you need to do so!

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