Thursday Dec 10, 4PM, Post office Square. Defy Disaster, Demand a Future. After the isolation of a pandemic, we are having a mass mobilisation to resist the oncoming tide of disasters. Join us as we take collective action, starting in post office square and marching to occupy a major city intersection. There'll be music, cushions and paint as we hold the road to defy disaster. Extinction Rebellion has a plan to get a serious response to the climate crisis. It involves you joining us on the streets to disrupt the city and the system that is killing us. The laws of Australia and the politicians who write them are doing everything in their power to stop action on this crisis because their extraction-based economy relies on continuing the destruction of our life support systems. It’s up to us, the people and communities who will have to try to survive the horrors of the coming collapse, to use our brains and our bodies to get in their way. We must make ignoring the truth of this climate crisis impossible. Join us on Thursday December 10 to take part in defiant, non-violent action to disrupt the Brisbane CBD. Bring your friends and family to Post Office Square for a 4pm kick off. Extinction Rebellion acknowledges that this action will take place in Meanjin, on the stolen lands of the Yuggera, Jagera and Turrbal people and that many of the dangers of climate collapse have been experienced by First Nations people on this continent since invasion.