ONE WORLD: CROSSING BORDERS: Converge At The Border To Demand Climate And Indigenous Justice. The Climate Crisis Knows NO Borders. RSVP at: We believe that coming together as a species we can turn this ship from the Iceberg. For Our Mother Earth, our children, our children’s children and all the species…..lets stand together. We have chosen the Peace Arch as our place of gathering because it is near the westernmost point of the Canada–United States border in the contiguous United States, between the communities of Blaine, Washington and Surrey, British Columbia. JOIN US AT THE PEACE ARCH, JULY 1 2020 TO DEMAND A BETTER FUTURE FOR OUR WORLD. Everyone is welcome to join and no passports are needed. We gather with the permission and consent of the Lummi People, who will join us and be speaking at the event, and for who the area of the Peace Arch remains their ancestral and current home. We welcome all inhabitants of our bioregion and home to join us if they want to help us make the world a better place. This year is growing from a wonderful event which brought more than 150 people together in 2019. We are hoping to make the 2020 an event which will bring together an even larger crowd in Solidarity for our Mother Earth. The wheels are turning, we are beginning to notify other groups and putting out feelers for speakers.