All cyclists of Bergen unite for the great Climate Rebel Ride! Everyone who cares about the environment is encouraged to join. The Rebel Ride (Critical Mass) will take place in the centre of Bergen and will slow down (but not block) traffic by cycling slowly in a huge group, occupying the car road. 💚Why do we protest? All protests of Extinction Rebellion are against governmental inaction on climate change. This Rebel Ride points out that globally the transport sector (people and goods) is responsible for 20% of C02-emissions. In Norway, this number is 30%. In Bergen it is 58%(!) - the greater part caused by cars. (Sources under) We show that we want a zero-emission Bergen - and world. We also want to put pressure on Bergen Kommune, attending them on the lacking bicycle infrastructure in Bergen Sentrum. 💚Extincion Rebellion We, the local chapter of the international organisation Extinction Rebellion, are using non-violent civil disobedience as a means of protest against governmental inaction on climate change. Internationally, as well as in Oslo, we have had protesters arrested, which is part of the strategy. However, the Rebel Ride has no risk of arrest, or any fines, as we are not breaking any laws. The action is safe to join for all ages and skill levels. To get an idea of what a bicycle protest looks like, take a look at this video, recorded last July in England at a similar event: 💚Practical information The route of the Rebel Ride will be announced soon - a circle of 2 km on flat surface. We will bike slowly and several rounds to create disturbance and attention as well as good pictures for the media, which will be informed by us on forehand about our action. The route passes by several Bysykkel stations in case you plan to use those. Welcome are all types of cyclists, as well as other non-fuelled vehicles (skateboards, kick bikes, etc.) Actions of Extinction Rebellion are colourful and joyful, but serious in its messages. They are always peaceful, non-political and will not leave any traces of damage to the environment. We encourage everyone to dress up, use flags, banners, bring music, decorate your bike. Be creative and dress to the weather forecast. 💚International Rebellion Week This Rebel Ride is part of a huge, global protest week: International Rebellion Week (7-14 Oct). During this week Extinction Rebellion organises serious actions, such as blocking mayor intersections of capital cities such as London, Berlin, Paris and New York. Actions there are serious, with tens of thousands of protesters per location and are expected to create massive economic disruption. Meanwhile in Bergen we ride our bikes and enjoy rebelling peacefully, in solidarity with all rebels world wide and to give the topic local attention. During this week there are several protests organised in Bergen. We encourage all members of @[281183832323569:274:Bergen Bysykkel], @[550495228382164:274:Sykkelbyen Bergen], @[27603114199:69:På sykkel i Bergen], @[480725778644289:274:Syklistenes Landsforening - Bergen og omegn], @[727550397351725:69:Transportsykkelforumet], @[114833965363:69:Bergen Mtb Klubb Sosial], @[458183964217892:69:BSI Sykkel], @[490758990947759:274:Bedriftsidretten Hordaland], @[1810686952287902:274:Miljøløftet], @[273993583098:274:Bærekraftige liv] and all other cyclists to join! Let's ride! -------------------------------------------------------------- Not sure what Extinction Rebellion is or want to know how to get involved and become a rebel? Locally you can know us from several peaceful protests, such as: 💚The massive 'Die-In' during Klimabrølet in August: 💚Crosswalk protest in front of Bryggen in July: 💚Die-In in front of Gamle Rådhuset in June: 💚Cruise Industry Die-In protest in June: Find us on or on social media for answers. 💚Sources: - -