Extinction Rebellion (XR) is a global movement that demands that those in power and decision makers tell the truth about the climate crisis and the ecological crisis. We should act NOW to secure our future. Do you want to be a part of our growing rebellion? We need you! Attending an introductory meeting is perfect for people who are curious about XR, but do not exactly know if and how to get involved. At the meeting, we will talk about XR’s values and methods. What non violence and civil disobedience means and why we believe it is our greatest hope. It's a chance to ask questions, talk to us and to find out how you can get involved. No pre-registration required, feel free to bring a friend! The introductory meeting will be held on Friday 11th of June. We start the presentation at 18.30 so feel free to come five minutes before and say hello. We use the tool zoom which is available for both mobile, tablet and computer. To join, click on the link when it's time: ☆ In the fight for the future, everyone is important and everyone can contribute, whether you can get involved for an hour or more everyone’s contribution is valued equally. In order to put pressure on decision makers, spread our message and take strong actions, we need more activists, writers, photographers, hackers, coffee makers, planners, artists, designers and social media geniuses! Together, we ordinary people can change, says both science and our own experiences. Thanks to Extinction Rebellion and other courageous organisations the expansion of Preem's oil refinery in Lysekil has been stopped, several countries have set up citizens' councils for sustainable change and the climate issue is gaining more and more attention in the media. Being a part of XR is important, fun and hopeful! Welcome! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ HOW ZOOM WORKS: To participate, you need a decent connection and a computer, smartphone or tablet. If you use a smartphone or tablet, download the Zoom Cloud Meetings app, which you can find in the App store / Google Play. On a computer, you can easily participate via the browser or download the program here: When the time for the meeting is, click on the link to participate: If you use a smartphone or tablet, the link in the app opens. On your computer, open the link in a web browser. Feel free to connect with both camera and microphone. It is also possible to just listen and write your questions in the message function. We start the meeting with a review of how everything works, you do not need to know anything before.

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