Explore ways to be on an action feeling self-connected, able to understand the needs of those around you and be more effective in your decision making. Together we will explore; ** how conflict arises in the first place ** tools that enable us more clarity about what is going on within us and others in the heat of the moment. ** the tools to enable de-escalation through self-connection, listening and skilful communication Meeting ID: 878 3504 8888 Passcode: 494019 About Beth Beth is passionate about understanding the systemic issues that contribute towards violence to all things, ecosystems human and beyond. It really matters to her that in the creation of a different way of being in the world we don't recreate the violence that is inherently within our current systems. Beth has a long history of activism including direct action. In the last 6 years, she has been learning and sharing the skills of nonviolent communication.

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