This week's focus: Various agenda items assembled by all of you If you have something to add the agenda, please DM us, post in this event, or e-mail us at If you have updates or messages from any of XR Canterbury's working groups, please attend the meetings to let us know those. ----------------------------- We have weekly meetings as a local group to discuss how we can grow the movement and what we can do to help achieve XR's key aims in the local area. The details for the next local group meetings are: XR Canterbury Group Meeting Mondays at 7pm Never been to a meeting before? No problem, just join on the link above. If you want to message first to say "Hi", you can contact us here. These meetings are for anyone who wants to take part in the local movement in any way, shape or form. ----------------------------- Sign up to the Canterbury & East Kent newsletter to receive regular updates right in your inbox >> We know social media isn't for everyone. Please share the newsletter link with your friends who aren't on Facebook and invite them to join the meetings! All are welcome.