Transport accounts for around one third of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions, with the vast majority coming from road transport (cars, vans and HGVs). For the UK to achieve its 2050 net zero target a lot needs to change in the UK - replacing petrol, diesel and hybrid cars and vans with electric vehicles, accompanied by massive investment in walking, cycling and public transport. Despite this, the Government plans to spend £27 billion on major road infrastructure over the next five years, which includes around 4,000 miles of new roads, by far the largest road building programme ever seen in the UK. This is in direct conflict with a green recovery, where money should be allocated to support sustainable transport infrastructure. We're teaming up with Extinction Rebellion, Friends of the Earth and other local groups to demand a shift towards truly sustainable and clean transport with an evening of presentations focusing on National policy but also, crucially, local transport issues. **IMPORTANT: Due to the Coronavirus outbreak this meeting will be happening online through Zoom. We hope you can join us.** Schedule: Introduction – 5 minutes Greenpeace speaker presentation – 10 minutes Friends of the Earth speaker presentation – 10 minutes Ad Block speaker presentation – 10 minutes Extinction Rebellion speaker presentation – 10 minutes Chris Coyle: Bicycle Mayor of Birmingham (@bikemayorbrum) presentation – 10 minutes Liam Byrne: Labour MP for Hodge Hill, Birmingham (@liambyrnemp) presentation – 10 minutes Q&A – 20 minutes