Workshop with Extinction Rebellion Victoria To Register: Saturday 26 June, 2:00pm-5:00pm, The Green Building, 60 Leicester Street Global warming is wreaking havoc across all corners of the globe and we need to decolonize the climate and ecological movement and build a multi-racial climate movement that centres the voices of First Nations peoples and people of colour. Join Apsara Sabaratnam and Min-Hui Law from Multicultural Greens Victoria and Dr. Ruchira Talukdar for a workshop on cultural inclusiveness in climate activism and critical differences in the understanding of climate justice in the Global North and South. This session builds on a previous workshop on Cultural Intelligence and Responsiveness, and differences in framing environmental justice in the Global North versus the South. This workshop will apply conceptual understandings from the previous workshop to delve into three significant areas: · Identifying challenges and solutions to increasing diversity in the climate movement in Australia · Recognising differences in the vision and culture of the environment movement versus Aboriginal land rights movements, and what environmentalists have learnt from negotiating these differences · Recognising critical differences in the framing of movements for climate justice in the Global North and South, with a particular focus on Australia and India

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