Author Mark Delaney will be leading a discussion around the ideas behind his book Low Carbon and Loving It. From living with the poor in India to life in middle class Australia, father Mark and son Tom weave their extraordinary journey through this climate change book-with-a-difference. They show us that living sustainable lives in the West is absolutely necessary and that it’s doable, fulfilling and even fun. “This is a remarkable book. Very few westerners have had the experiences that the authors have embraced, and as a result very few can speak with the same credibility about the choices we must make as a society. I hope everyone reads this volume–and thinks, deeply, about what it means.” – Bill McKibben Join us to feel empowered and inspired by what you can do. Its ok if you haven't read the book beforehand! We invite you to bring a plate to share, so we can build community over food and chat after the discussion. *PLEASE RSVP SO WE CAN SAFELY CATER FOR ATTENDEES*

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