This is the monthly meeting of the Regenerative cultures & Wellbeing working group. What is regenerative cultures? Regenerative Cultures seek to bring a different approach to climate and other activist movements. They are how we move towards a practice and demonstration of the change we want to deeply experience in this and all society. We aim to nurture new cultures that are resilient and robust and which can support us all through the changes we must inevitably face together. Regenerative Cultures precede, hold us through and last beyond the actions that we take as part of our rebellion. In XR we recognise that we have much work to do so that we can truly embody Regenerative Cultures within our movement. It is a necessary way to generate meaningful and lasting change in our shared world. There is no singular definition of regenerative cultures, but a framework based on natural principles allows each of us to develop our own approach to practicing a regenerative way of being. At its simplest this means putting a little bit more in than we take out. Link

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