The French Government & Parliament are letting their citizens down! Join us at 4pm at the French consulate for a "solidarity die-in". ~~~ BACKGROUND ~~~ Following the mass movements of the Yellow Vests, French President Emmanuel Macron established a Citizens Assembly on Climate. 150 citizens were randomly selected, presented with data, talked to experts, and deliberated for nearly a year. They delivered 149 proposals to reduce French carbon emission in a just way, recovering all aspects of our lives (food, housing, work, consumption, travels...). But unsurprisingly, the French President, followed by his Government and the Parliament have then worked tirelessly to destroy all this work and diminish all ambitions. French people are not happy about that! They want "une VRAIE loi climat" ("a REAL climate law"). They are marching on Sunday 9th May everywhere in France to let policians know! ~~~ THIS ACTION ~~~ This action will be a die-in, featuring the "French President" doing what he does best: greenwashing! Join us at 4pm at the French consulate. There will be a short briefing, a quick speech by French rebel Dr Coralie Boulet, and then we'll proceed to "die" (i. e. lie down) on the footpath. ~~~ We acknowledge that this is action will take place on the stolen lands of the Kulin Nation. Lands were never ceded, treaties were never signed. We would like to pay our deepest respect to Elders past and present. Aboriginal and Torres Strait people have been on the forefront of the climate crisis and ecological breakdown for hundreds of years, and we recognise their ongoing connection to and caring for country.

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