XRNI Regenerative Culture and Wellbeing are delighted to welcome Dr Roisin Campbell-Palmer to talk about beaver restoration and their importance for wetland conservation. After Roisin’s presentation there will be time for some questions. Roisin is currently an independent beaver ecologist, specialising in native species restoration. Born in Belfast, she studied Zoology in Glasgow and Animal Behaviour and Welfare in Edinburgh. She worked for several years at the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland, starting as a bird and reptile keeper, eventually becoming the native species Conservation Manager for projects including beavers, water voles and wildcats. Roisin then became the Field Operations Manager for the Scottish Beaver Trial, the first official mammal reintroduction project in Britain. She gained her PhD in Norway investigating the importance of founder selection in beaver restoration projects and has published widely their biology and management. Her day to day involves working with landowners experiencing beaver conflicts, beaver translocation and advising various organisations on beaver management and restoration.