No more time to waste! Demand real action from our government and business leaders! Prepare for September 17 with others in our friendly studio - no arts expertise required! Even if every country delivers on all their current promises to reduce emissions, we’re heading for warming of over 3°C by 2100. There is already horrifying suffering in every part of the planet. This is the eleventh hour, time to really make our demands loud and clear! Stop ALL new fossil fuel investment NOW! No more excuses! Join XR Arts for a Rebellion Artbuild in our Dumbo studio. We are preparing for a giant event on September 17th in midtown Manhattan. We welcome everyone: share your ideas and passion, build a big or small prop, make a sign, join a group. We want to create a space together big enough for our love and for our rage. 68 Jay Street, #713, Brooklyn. Please bring your mask, and look for a phone number near the door OR ring 347-292-8564 when you arrive.

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