The government is failing in its duty of care to keep us safe from impending climate and ecological collapse. Australia is now rated worst in the world for inaction on the climate emergency. Join XR rebels in Canberra for the start of the winter sitting of parliament: August 1 and August 2, for preparations, August 3 to August 5 for actions. Register your interest here: The whole world is watching Australia’s abysmal performance in the lead-up to the United Nations climate negotiations in November. August is the time when crucial decisions will be made. The Coalition is in the midst of a big fight over what policies to take to the climate talks … and appealing a court decision that says they have a duty of care to protect young people!! Labor is split down the middle about whether to support coal and gas. There will be important votes on the HUGE new fracking project in the Beetaloo Basin. Antonio Guterres Secretary-General of the United Nations has called for all countries to declare a climate emergency until net zero emissions is reached. But our government is taking us on a gas-fuelled road to catastrophe. It’s no use waiting until we see the pathetic policies the government takes to the UN talks. It’s no use waiting until yet another round of negotiations results in outcomes that are too weak to save us. Will you come to Canberra? Assist from a distance (eg do media)? Are you prepared to be arrested? Willing to go to jail? Register here: We are monitoring the COVID restrictions and planning ways to rebel safely. Activism is an essential service

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