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COP26 in Glasgow this November has the stated aim of “uniting the world to tackle climate change”. Yet at the previous 25 COP conferences since 1995, world leaders have repeatedly failed to deliver on this. We will not accept this failure – governments must act now. “Stop killing us” is the message from XR Global South groups already suffering the most catastrophic consequences of climate change. We must also provide a voice for the millions of species and future generations who cannot speak for themselves. XR will continue demanding immediate action to tackle the climate and ecological emergency in the run up to, during and beyond COP26.

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This November, in Glasgow and around the world, we will use peaceful, creative protests and non-violent civil disobedience to make our demands. We will sing and dance and lock arms against despair and remind the world there is so much worth rebelling for. We accuse world leaders of failure, and with a daring vision of hope, we imagine the impossible. Leave us your name and email address to join in! Or

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In the months leading up to the COP summit, XR will be developing our activist capacity around the world so that we can coordinate mass actions. The COP Rebellion will be taking place in Glasgow and other locations around the globe, so everyone can get involved. If you’re not able to join in, please make a donation to support us...

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What’s coming up next?

Check out our agenda, where we keep all of the upcoming actions and events that you can get involved in. (If the calendar does not work in your browser, go to this link)

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Here's the latest news from the COP Rebellion

Global Newsletter #58: The End of The World As We Know It

COP26 has failed and world leaders have left 1.5C to die, while breathing new life into the fossil fuel industry.

Global Newsletter 57: COP IS KILLING US

While the leaders of the Global North sink to new depths at COP26, rebels in the Global South have risen up.

xr cop: Tunisian Industrial Disaster: Activist Group ‘Stop Pollution’ Protests Against the Tunisian Government

Activists in Tunisia protested in the wake of an industrial disaster in the city of Gabes that took the lives of 6 and injured many more.

xrcop: XR Nigeria acts to spread the word about lack of access to clean water

XR Nigeria demands action: 30% of Nigerians do not have access to clean water near their homes

xr cop: Georgian grassroots activists and the movement to oppose a dam

Georgian grassroots activists have built a movement to oppose a dam on the Riona river that threatens biodiversity, local livelihoods and cultural heritage in the region.

xr cop: The Congo Basin - fighting for the survival of the world’s second largest rainforest and its indigenous people

In the run-up to COP26 in Glasgow, XR Global is sharing global stories of climate and ecological injustice to underline the need for genuinely equitable and just outcomes from the conference if it is to have any meaningful impact. This piece explores the deforestation in the Congo Basin through the eyes of local activist and community organizer James who is working tirelessly to protect and regenerate this vital and magnificent forest.

COP26: False Hopes and Well-Founded Fears

UN COP's have provided a great deal of false hope over the years. Could this time really be any different or are fears that COP is unfit for purpose well-founded?

xrcop: XR Université de Goma - Spreading the message with street performance and dance

Two dancers in costumes made of plastic bottles performed in the street surrounded by curious passersby. Together with local artists, Extinction Rebellion activists marked World Water Day in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

xrcop: XR Universities Uganda puts on an action for World Water Day

In March, XR Universities Uganda organised an action for World Water Day on Lake Victoria. Read this article to find out more!

xrcop: Rebels build relationships during XR COP's global conversations

XR COP Action recently linked groups of rebels from all over the world to discuss and share their ideas and experiences in the run up to COP26.